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The Dovecote store has closed. I will continue to do design work:

                            - Window treatments

                            - Reupholstering

                            - Consultations

                            - Shopping services

                            - Staging

I can be reached at the same locations; 860 284-0174.  e-mail;


I have made the difficult decision to close the Dovecote store. A decision like this rarely has only one reason; as I did all the purchasing, managing, merchandising

and much of the manning of the store, the main reason was the enormous time commitment the store required of me at this time of my life. My husband retired six

years ago and I have many other interests and hobbies I would like to pursue while still reasonably young and healthy. Closing the store was a real wrench for me

as I have had more exciting challenges, rewards and creative opportunities than any working person should be allowed and still call it work. The past fourteen years

have been a wonderful adventure, one I am so happy to have embarked upon.

My design business has grown considerably over the years, enough to support a healthy home based business requiring half the time commitment. I will truly miss

you all and cannot thank you enough for making my shop a success for so many years. I hope to continue to see many of you through my design business.

Chris Oswick.






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